Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Welcome to our FAQ’s page where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

  • What Is 234Office About?

    234Office is an online internal office social network for businesses and also for ease of communication between project/team members. Keep up to date on activities and updates from your colleagues at work, even without being together in the office.

  • What Type or Kind of Organisation Needs Your Solution?

    Our product is for all types of organisations ranging from SMEs to Large businesses as well as NGOs and Religious organisations. It assist you with managing  and administrating your organisation as well with your team members and performances rating.

    Many businesses and organisations have benefited from our product and we’ll be glad to assist yours as well and join the league of great companies leveraging on modern technology to their advantage. A trial we strongly believe would convince you.

  • Why Do I Need 234Office?

    Keep up to date on activities and updates from your colleagues at work, even without being together in the office. It also enables you manage and keep track of your office activities on the go wherever you are in the world from your laptop and mobile devices.

    File sharing, video, audio and conference messaging are some of the available features as well with performance rating/reporting on staffs also included. Communication internally within an organisation hasn’t being better and made easier than what is obtainable with 234office.

    234Office empowers lots of SMEs with a less costly virtual office with great opportunity to keep tabs with employees anywhere in the world and work-from-home businesses. New study shows 45% of remote workers sleep better, 35% exercise more & 42% have healthier diets and these goes a long way to boost employee’s performance which is immensely beneficial to your business.

  • What Are The Features Of 234Office?

    Project Management

    Set milestones, assign tasks and due dates. Track team activity and generate reports

    Business Collaboration

    Express ideas among your team members via instant messaging, blogs and forums. Share photos, documents, news and polls

    Document Editing

    Create, edit, store and share documents with colleagues all in one place.

    Instant Messaging

    Chat with your team members, set up conferences and get up-to-date information from your team members.

    Finance Management

    Manage, track and monitor finances and control cash flow virtually with statistics reporting. On-demand financial management


    Send, receive and organise email messages right on your corporate portal from your laptop to your tablet to your smartphone.

    News & Announcement

    Quick & effective tools for sending news to all team members and various departments in the organisation


    Team members and staffs can be organised in various departments and can be monitored with easy graphical performance reporting system.


  • What Is The Cost Of Purchasing Your Solution?


    No matter your budget, we’ve got various pricing packages to suite you. You can click on Pricing link in the above navigation menu for more details on our various

  • Is There A Money-back Guarantee?


    We do give a free trial period and access to demo portal when required by customers to test run the software on request and we believe at this period you should have made up your mind as we do not guarantee refunds afterwards. We offer our customers all the support and assistance needed for a successful and smooth experience when they purchase our solution so there is hardly no occurrence of customers requesting for refund.

  • How Can I Contact You?


    You can reach out to us via our email and we shall respond swiftly to your inquiries within 24 to 48 hours at most during peak periods.

  • Do You Offer Support After Purchase?


    Yes we do offer 100% FREE support and software updates to all our customers after product purchase as long as your subscription with us is still active.

  • What Forms Of Payments Do You Accept?


    we accept cheques, internet bank transfers and bank deposits.

  • How Soon Would Our Account Be Set-up After Payment?


    Your account would be set-up within 24 hours after payment is received and confirmed with all your access details sent to your provided email as well as administrator information.